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Finding high caliber individuals. At SD Recruitment we believe in the importance of continuity throughout our dealings together which is why the person you meet will be the person who delivers your project. Meeting you will help us to gain a thorough understanding of your role and why it would be attractive to your target candidates, who will be high

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Not all “headhunters” are the same. By operating as generalists we are able to offer our clients access to all potential candidates. A specialist recruiter can NEVER offer this as many of the businesses they should be targeting for your role will never appear on their target lists. If they specialise, they already recruit FOR your competitors and therefore cannot

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Getting your preferred candidate. Promoting your company and the benefits of the opportunity, we approach all of your target candidates discreetly. For each approach we document the outcome and record this in a progress report, available via the assignment dashboard. We take the time to explain to you why those candidates who don’t make it to the next stage are either

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Assessing potential candidates. At every stage of our process we are assessing potential candidates against your requirements to ensure the best fit from a cultural point of view, as well as from a skills and experience perspective. All candidates are interviewed by the Managing Consultant – the person you met during the initial phase and the person who remains your

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Southern Africa Youth Jobs shares over 10Million job opportunities in all industries for Youth in Africa. With success stories shared daily.

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