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Workforce business model gains traction despite economic constraints

Highlights of the year Revenue increased by 7,1% to R3,2 billion from R3,0 billion Operating expenses increased by 8,3% to R562,9 million from R519,8 million HEPS decreased by 5,1% to 42,4 cents from 44,7 cents NAV increased by 17% to 308 cents from 264 cents Days sales outstanding improved to 50 days from 53 days Chartall acquisition – total acquisition

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Business Continuity

  Given the current volatile economic climate, even the most established businesses are looking to steady their feet firmly on the ground.   Let’s face it. Social distancing is our new norm, and to be socially responsible is not just a nice-to-have, but a necessity (just like those toilet rolls).   Whilst some (like me) are used to this way

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Lock Down – CCR Will be closed from the 27th March and be open on the 20th April 2020.

How do I maintain social distancing in my food production/processing facility and food retail establishment where employees typically work within close distances? To prevent spread of COVID-19, CDC is recommending individuals employ social distancing or maintaining approximately 6 feet from others, when possible. In food production/processing facilities and retail food establishments, an evaluation should be made to identify and implement

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Sales Staff- Is It the End of “Office Dress Codes”?

As a recruitment agency Gauteng, we are always concerned about being well informed as to market trends. We decided to approach Marinda, who is an Image Consultant that specializes in presentation skills, to assist us in answering this question. Her response was as follows: “Organisations invest substantial budgets in establishing a strong company image or brand. Companies realise that their

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Positive Customer Experience – Sales

As a Johannesburg Recruitment Agency, we feel that customer service poses a challenge to every organisation, and requires continuous focus, adaptation and a simple systematic approach. Flavio Martins, the VP of Operations and Customer Service at DigiCert Inc, states that customer experience involves every process including before, during, and after the Sale. He notes further that majority of customers who

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