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COVID-19: An Employer’s Survival Guide to UIF(TERS) and Leave

Listen to Joanette Nagel, our affiliate expert on current legislation, talking about navigating the legislative landscape and the amended UIF and Leave processes during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The post COVID-19: An Employer’s Survival Guide to UIF(TERS) and Leave appeared first on Workforce Staffing.This post was originally published on this site

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Tips for Managing HR Practices in a Time of Crisis

The team at Affirmative Portfolios understands how amidst all the uncertainties surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, there are a few people at the head of ensuring that things run smoothly. Whilst ‘normal’ work is unable to continue in many businesses, work needs to continue as normally as possible. This means that effective crisis management needs to be enforced to ensure that

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Interviewing for jobs in the time of Covid-19

As the majority of South Africa is currently in lockdown, the business landscape has become a very difficult space to navigate. Many businesses have simply stopped operating, whilst those that can continue have become increasingly creative and managed to adapt to the current situation.   In “lockdown” business interaction is being done through remote sources… The post Interviewing for jobs

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COVID-19 and applicable relief

Background COVID-19 has brought about unprecedented uncertainty in South Africa and in this article, we will discuss some of the material relief measures that have been instituted by the South African Government (the “Government”) to provide essential assistance to employers and employees of businesses impacted by COVID-19. Before we consider the nature and scope of these measures undertaken by the

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A message from our CEO

Dear Clients & Candidates, Events around the COVID-19 virus have escalated dramatically over the past week, resulting in great uncertainty both within commerce and industry as well as all of our personal lives. As we enter the mandatory 21 day lock down period, I would like to confirm that our entire team will be operating remotely from home, with access

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How Financial Audits Boost Business

Financial Audit: The Multi-Tasking Business Booster Historically, financial audits have carried the reputation of being “dreaded” and “burdensome”. Something you only complete if it is required by law. The idea of a voluntary audit seems absurd. Until you understand the multiple business benefits of an audit beyond legalities compliance. Audited financials show both the shareholders and stakeholders that a company

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