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LinkedIn and search – they aren’t mutually exclusive

LinkedIn is an invaluable tool. It provides access to data around talent relatively quickly and can often narrow the pool of talent in a considerably shortened time. There is a flaw, though: this information is completely unverified. No checks, references nor the intensive interviewing process that will inevitably highlight the red flags and show up inaccuracies and ‘embellishments’. Undoubtedly, it’s

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How Temporary Employment Services could be the Silver Lining after the pandemic?

Jeandie Leone, Commercial Manager at Workforce Staffing chats with Wasanga Mehana on how Temporary Employment Service providers can assist businesses and people who have lost their jobs, post the pandemic.   The post How Temporary Employment Services could be the Silver Lining after the pandemic? appeared first on Workforce Staffing.This post was originally published on this site

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Covid is not an excuse to make low-ball offers!

I sit (virtually and metaphorically, of course) with one leg on either side of the Atlantic, living in the US, whilst overseeing businesses in Africa. I get my daily news literally 24/7, and find myself viewing ‘the economy’, business in general, and the job market from very different realities and perspectives. But, regardless of skyrocketing unemployment in both the US

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Lockdown doesn’t have to mean shutdown

Why recruiting during the Covid-19 Lockdown could put your business ahead of the curve…  At the stroke of midnight, on the 27th of March, South Africa entered lockdown. Non-essential services shuttered their doors, and those that could, scrambled to move their workforce and operations online.  South Africa, along with the rest of the world, has […] The post Lockdown doesn’t

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Cultivating Healthy Habits

Written By: Jacqueline Jacks   Cultivating Healthy Habits during lockdown & beyond.   Much has been written and discussed about working remotely since lockdown began, I wanted to share my thoughts on cultivating mindfulness habits during this period and beyond.   It feels like we went to bed one night in March and woke up… The post Cultivating Healthy Habits

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“One Mindcor” announcement

The world has experienced unprecedented change in the first few months of 2020. A fundamental part of Mindcor’s purpose has always been to provide out of the ordinary value to all of its stakeholders, including its employees, clients, candidates, network of associates and our community. Our changing world requires continuous innovation and at Mindcor this The post “One Mindcor” announcement

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