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Some time back, I had the opportunity and privilege to hear from an accomplished and inspiring leader who I genuinely look up to as a mentor from a distance.

Here are some thoughts on…..

How to Be a Star Team Player and Lead without a Title

Before anyone begins the journey to leadership – whether you have a title or not – remember, that change always starts with you.

Here are some key elements to help you check within yourself:

  • In your current environment, how are you adding value?
  • Are you helping to create and maintain a positive culture?
  • Are you being courageous to suggest improvements in a constructive manner?
  • Are you being consistent? That is, does your walk match your talk?
  • In what areas do you need to grow?

To be a part of a winning team and in order to get there, each team member should carry these 3 Core Beliefs:

  • I feel valued in this team.
  • I feel inspired.
  • I feel empowered.

To become a leader regardless of position and title you have, consider the following principles to work toward on how to be inspirational and lead by example in your team:

Have a heart to care! Be mindful and compassionate about others… develop a heart for people!

  • Live by the motto: “I notice you… and you matter.”
  • Appreciate and show gratitude over and above the norm… Then double it!
  • Shift your focus where you can, from being ‘me-centred’ to ‘you-centred’

Have a Passion to Inspire!

  • Carry an optimistic outlook! Be the positive one and keep the spirits up!
  • Be generous with your words! Offer words of encouragement and recognition to those around you.
  • Be empathetic – be a good listener!
  • Inspire your team to keep their eye on the prize! Be the constant reminder of the bigger picture: “What you’re a part of is bigger than the part you play.”

Have a Willingness to empower!

  • Be the constant learner… and the one that promotes knowledge-sharing. We unleash potential by empowering those around not by controlling and holding on to what we know
  • Remember those that just delegate tasks will create good followers… However, those that delegate authority, create empowered leaders.
  • To delegate is to trust your team to do the best at their level

Have the courage to be vulnerable: Humility – confidence – honesty – integrity

  • It doesn’t hurt to say sorry when you get it wrong… Just remember to fail fast and fail forward.
  • Be the coach that says, “We’re going to press on regardless”
  • Aim to Just Be You, your authentic self.
  • Don’t be someone else – be you.
  • Be real.

In closing… remember this very important point: “The goal of any good leader should not be to require action from others but to inspire action.”


Reference: Craig Groeschel

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