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Friday Funday Live Yoga Class

Join us for a live yoga class!! FREE for our Placement Partner family!

As we close off this series of wonderful self-care resources generously provided by our friend Zoe Gee, we’d like to invite you (and any of your friends, family and fellow Recruiters!) to join us for a free live session this Sunday.

The class will be delivered via Zoom, which means you can stay in your comfy pajamas and keep warm in your lounge – No lycra required here folks!

If you’ve got a busy weekend lined up and you can’t commit to the class time, you can still sign up to be added to the list and we’ll send you a recording of the session to enjoy in your own time.

Click below to see all the class details and SIGN UP to join us. 

At Placement Partner, one of our core values is SUPPORT and we’d like to advocate for our clients, partners and fellow Recruitment professionals to seek out the support they need – Not only in businesses but in all areas of life.

Subscribe here to connect with Zoe and keep the self-love going! 

Interested in more self-care tips?

Share these helpful free resources with your family, friends and Recruitment community!

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