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When the Stakes are High

The Brief

Our newest client in the philanthropy space embarked on a continent-wide programme of work aimed at achieving financial inclusion and stability in Africa. Jack Hammer was selected as the search partner of choice to appoint technical, research and commercial leaders in East, West and Southern Africa, all committed to bringing this vision to fruition. We knew that the stakes were high and, for the sake of our colleagues and compatriots on the continent, we needed to get it right from the start.

The Plan

Recognising that, as individuals, we have limitations, we pooled our mental resources and called in help in the form of our Africa-based partners. We now have the best regional and subject matter experts working on each project, drawing on their own networks of advisors and navigating cultural and business landscapes with credibility, sensitivity and respect. Our daily conversations encompass elements of economics, behavioural psychology and politics (to name a few).


We have successfully placed several candidates already, with more in the offing as we write this. But the real moment of victory will come when financial inclusion becomes more of a reality for the continent. We’ll keep you posted.

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