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Why the medical device industry needs recruitment specialists

Driven by the Covid-19
pandemic and a shortage of essential medical devices, the medical device market
is on the rise. The demand for medical devices has proven higher than what
manufacturers can meet, causing an exponential increase in the global market. Medical
technology companies are investing in the development of new generation devices,
creating an increase in job opportunities.

There are over 1.5
million medical devices and over 100 000 different types of devices
available worldwide. The market is expected to reach a value of $612.7 billion by
2025 by leveraging off product innovations. Companies are now required to
employ candidates with strong industry competencies to maintain their
competitive edge. Working with a skilled recruitment agency gives you access to
an extended professional network to source candidates and assess your industry offerings.

The increase in demand
for testing and medical facilities has led to a rise in demand for medical
devices and quality control. Working with an expert recruitment agency provides
a standardised evaluation to provide the highest-quality candidates for the
increase in employment opportunities. An experienced agency offers an extensive
screening process, covers the necessary verification checks and has insight
into competitive offerings to attract the ideal candidates for your job listing.

The rising need for Covid-19
diagnosis is reliant on laboratory testing and is primarily influenced by turnaround
time. The increase in testing means there needs to be an increase in laboratory
capacity. Effective recruiting needs to occur within a defined timeframe and
working with a specialised agency avoids the trap of “panic hiring”. A
specialised recruitment agency with a high success rate understands the urgent
need to place a candidate in this sector and can meet the required timeframes
for sourcing a candidate.

Recruitment in the
medical device industry requires candidates that meet the high demands of a
rapidly evolving industry. Partnering in with a recruitment agency that is a
specialist in the sector, has an existing network and a past success rate
increases your opportunity at finding the perfect candidate for your job listing,
making recruitment within the medical device sector your best option.

Partner with a
recruitment agency that you can trust. Our team at Professional Sourcing has
a strong reputation for recruitment expertise within our specialisation areas.
We build long-term relationships with our loyal clients and bluechip employers.

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Professional Sourcing has a strong reputation for highly developed recruitment expertise within our specialisation areas. We develop strong long-term relationships with our loyal clients. Allow us to help you deal with your frustrations of a lengthy hiring process.

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